Release Your Anger At Smash Club!

Are the kids wearing your patience thin? Had a bad day at work? Maybe you’re going through a bad breakup?!

We’ve found the place where there is absolutely no judgement! Relieve your stress inside a rage room…

The Smash Club in Alanson is the place to release all your pent up anger!  Smash

Smash Club is one of the only places in Northern Michigan where you can make an appointment to mash a bunch of stuff! Personal items are welcome, like an ex’s photo or old items you want to get rid of — chances are, it’s smash-able!

The family business also offers a bunch of glass bottles, electronics, and other miscellaneous items you can choose from to destroy. Safety is their top priority! Providing face shields, lab coats, gloves, footies, and more to make sure you’re covered from flying pieces!

The best part is, the rage rooms have cameras recording your entire experience! Something you can look back on and laugh about!

I’m sure your friends and family have some steam to blow off to! Not to worry, you can host a private event here! There’s a party room for birthdays, bachelorettes, family reunions, etc. No one is left behind, and why not let your rage out together?!

You can book your session HERE.

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