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Former ATF Employee Alleges Major Payroll Fraud

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There are new allegations of fraud at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms that potentially involves hundreds of millions of tax dollars.

“Joe,” who asked to remain anonymous, got a job at the ATF human resources department back in 2016.

He noticed that personnel doing administrative jobs were being paid special bonuses called “law enforcement availability pay” or LEAP.

LEAP is normally reserved for criminal investigators who work on call and can have odd hours.

After Joe brought this to the attention of his supervisors, he says his record was changed from being a “fully successful” employee to “minimally successful.” He was fired from the agency last summer.

A lawyer for the Office of Special Counsel says they found evidence that 94 employees were inappropriately given extra pay.

Investigators worry about the implications if similar practices are happening in other government agencies.

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