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Traverse City Board Of Commissioners to Reprimand City Manager

The Traverse City Board Of Commissioners voted in favor of issuing a letter of Reprimand for City Manager Marty Colburn.

It comes after Colburn failed to follow the City Charter in Firing Former Traverse City Treasurer Kelli Martin.

The letter says Colburn did not get explicit content from the Commission to fire Martin, and he appointed an interim City Treasurer without explicit consent from the Commission.

Colburn apologized on Monday night during the City Commission meeting for not following the City Charter.

“I am sorry we are in this circumstance, my role as city manager, I accept the responsibility,” said Marty Colburn, City Manager, Traverse City. ” I learned from this experience and would like to continue on to provide great service that all of us do to this great community.”

Mayor Pro Tem Amy Shamroe and Brian McGillvary, who prepared the letter, were not at the Monday night due to COVID-19 exposures.

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