Social Media Challenge, Unplug for 25 Days

The allure of social media is hard to escape—some psychologists even indicate that social media has addictive qualities. To explore just how challenging it is to break away, the team at All HomePhones Connections is looking for one resilient individual to voluntarily stop their social media consumption—for a load of money.

All they ask is that this person quit social media for 25 days and earn $2,500. That’s it. (Well, sort of).

See the challenge in its entirety here:

Remember how we said sort of? Here’s all their winner will need to do:

  • ​​Step 1: Spend 5 days tracking their mood while using social media as normal. Learn the latest TikTok dance and double-tap to their heart’s content…if they want.
  • Step 2: For 25 days, delete social media apps from their phone and tablet. That means resisting the temptation to peek on their computer or over a friend’s shoulder!
  • Step 3: For those 25 days, set goals and work on them regularly. Continue tracking their mood and activities on the provided app and task sheet.
  • Step 4: At the end of the month, share how the detox affected them in a short write-up or video. Epiphanies welcome but not required!
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