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Neighbors at Odds with North Central Michigan College Over Possible Rezoning

North Central Michigan College

North Central Michigan College has big plans for the future, but it depends on if the city of Petoskey wants to change their zoning status from a single family district to a college district.

NCMC President David Finley has high hopes for upcoming projects.

“Additions to buildings, a couple of new buildings, but transparency and an open dialog with the city as well as all of our neighbors as to what we’ve got planned to move the college into the future,” said Finley.

However, some of their neighbors, including Stephanie Grozner, said they were blindsided by the possible re-zoning.

“10 homes are involved and I for one did not get notification of the first meeting,” said Grozner. “The only reason I found out about the second meeting, when the planning commission met, was when my neighbor told me about it.”

One of the projects NCMC hopes to make happen is a 60-foot building for student housing. Because of a slope, it would only look about 45 feet high, but neighbors still aren’t pleased.

“There is nothing in the city of Petoskey that is allowed to be built at 60 feet so here we have a residential neighborhood, one side is residential, and now its ok to build something that’s 60 feet,” said Grozner.

Grozner doesn’t have any distaste for the college, but another big concern is the increase in traffic and noise that would come if the college were to move forward with their projects.

Petoskey City Commissioners will discuss the re-zoning at their meeting tonight.

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