National Writers Series to Host NYT Bestselling Author Mary Roach, Discuss New Book ‘FUZZ: When Nature Breaks the Law’

Six time New York Times Bestselling author Mary Roach is preparing to grace the National Writer Series stage.71xlmcdufqs

Roach last graced the NWS stage in June 2017 and now she’s backtalk about her new book FUZZ: When Nature Breaks the Law.

What’s to be done about a jaywalking moose? A bear caught breaking and entering? A murderous tree? Three hundred years ago, animals that broke the law would be assigned legal representation and put on trial. These days, as New York Times best-selling author Mary Roach discovers in her new book, the answers are best found not in jurisprudence but in science: the curious science of human-wildlife conflict, a discipline at the crossroads of human behavior and wildlife biology.

She will grace the NWS virtual stage on Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 7 pm. To learn more about the event, click here.

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