Lakeshore Food Club Launches New Campaign

Now that the fall months are here, Lakeshore Food Club in Ludington is asking people to lend a helping hand in their new campaign called, “Be A Hero.”

“We are asking the community to step up and be a hero to a family,” said O’Nealya Gronstal, Executive Director for Lakeshore Food Club. “If donors give $19/a month for an entire year, they would feed a family for a year.”

Lakeshore Food Club is a supermarket-styled pantry that offers a wide-range of food options to those in need.

”In the last three months, we have more than doubled our capacity. On average, we would serve roughly 350 to 400 families per month,” said Gronstal. “In the last month, we’ve served over 750 families.”

That is just in Mason County alone, which has a population of 29,000. A big age group that uses the Food Club is senior citizens.

“It breaks my hear that folks cannot survive on a social security check,” said Gronstal.

Twice a year, Lakeshore Food Club partners with Ludington Bay to raise money.

”The fact that we have the opportunity to have these celebrations and these parties… and people come and we can turn around and donate portions of that back into our community… actually it’s just the community supporting itself,” said Jamie Adam, Sales and Events for Ludington Bay.

Lakeshore Food Club says about 40% of people in Mason County are food insecure.

“This truly is a community that steps up when times get tough,” said Gronstal. “They take care of one another, and they really do their part to make sure to make sure people live equally and equitably. It takes a village.”

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