The E-Skateboard World Through The Eyes Of E-Skate Joe

“It’s dangerously fun…It’s not very common. It’s just not common at all.”

This is E-Skate Joe. Eskate 2

“Fifteen miles an hour, I got used to it, I wanna go faster. Now I can do 20, cool. I wanna go faster. Now I wanna do 30. I wanna go faster.”

He’s known for riding the streets of big rapids with his electric skateboard.

“I came across e-skate which involves EUCs, one wheels, and most commonly electric skateboards. And I just got hooked from there.”

And there was no looking back.

“In total I’ve had 4 boards. This is my pride and joy. This is a psycho tiller build. It’s pretty expensive, I’ll say (keep the chuckle) one of my most expensive boards.”

It’s the need, the need for speed.

“This board, I’ve hit 38 and a half miles an hour, with room to go on my controller and I get maybe 40 miles range on it. There are boards out there that can hit 50 miles an hour.”

But the big question — how in the world do you ride one of these things?

“It’s a wireless remote. It’s just a little wheel that you use and you push the go, come down to stop and then there’s some button features you can put it in reverse, turn on lights if you’ve got the features.”

And while he’s in it for the thrill— he’s still being safe.

“Don’t be a stupid rider. Safety gear is no joke. People look at gear and be like, oh it’s gonna make you look dumb, I don’t wanna look dumb. It’s dumb not to wear gear. It will save you and potentially your life.”

Known for his mirrored helmet, he’s become quite the celebrity.

“Some people have called me a small town local celebrity and I’m just like I don’t know about all that. I’ll get people honking at me, ‘hey!’ Or waving.”

But who’s the guy behind the helmet?

“I’ve never found myself to be the most outgoing person in the world, but putting on the helmet and closing the visor. People really don’t see who I am.”

Mystery creates wonder…

“I do like the concept of when I ride by, and someone’s like, ‘who is that,’ So I like that little mysterious aspect to it.”

And in the end, E-Skate Joe is just lettin’ the good times — roll.

“You can’t beat that.”Eskate 3

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