Preventing Falls & Increasing Your Balance With FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans ages 65 and older experience a fall every year?

It’s really scary to get hurt, and it’s even scarier to think that there might not be anyone around you to help. Screen Shot 2021 09 29 At 13444 Pm

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center in Traverse City has some tips on how to prevent falls and increase our balance.

Foot taps, head rotations, standing marches, and sit-to-stands are some exercises lead physical therapist, Rex Holden, demonstrates. FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center is also offering the public free fall risk screenings to minimize falls in the senior community. Call to make your appointment today!

Falls often occur in the bathroom when sitting or standing from the toilet or the shower, or at night in a dark bedroom on the way to the bathroom. Being cautious of these things is important. We can prevent falls like this from happening by installing grab bars to hold onto in the bathroom and shower, and installing brighter lights, night lights, and even motion-sensor lights.

It’s also difficult to get back into the grove of things after recovering from COVID-19. Rex Holden says, “it could take up to three months to get back to pre-COVID condition.”

Talk to your doctor before any strenuous exercise. Holden recommends to start with walking for five minutes, making sure to check your breathing and heart rate. Also watch for fever, chest pains, and headaches.

Deep breathing exercises and mild stretching are also a great way to gradually move your body. Screen Shot 2021 09 29 At 13413 Pm

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