Visit The 12th Annual Great Lakes Glass Pumpkin Patch!

Oh my gourd-ness! Have you ever been to a glass pumpkins patch?!

You can this weekend! Each year, at the beginning of October, marks the start of the Great Lakes Glass Pumpkin Patch at Boyer Glassworks in Harbor Springs and Three Pines Studio in Cross Village! Pumpkin

This is the 12th annual event of the colorful gathering of the glass pumpkins. Fun fact, the owner Harry Boyer has been crafting glass for nearly half a century! His studio was opened up in 1984 and doubles as an art gallery to display all the glass artwork. Most of the time, you can catch Boyer and his assistant blowing glass during your visit!

Each year he and his lead assistant, Mary Cash, create over 1,000 pumpkins! The pumpkins are created in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. This year’s color theme is yellow. After the challenging year and a half we had with the pandemic, the yellow pumpkins will represent the brighter days ahead.

Their pumpkins will be available for purchase this fall, and on display inside the building, as well as at Three Pines Studio.

Be sure to check out the pumpkin patch for yourself, on display until October 16th!



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