Producer Picks: Creating a Wooly Mammoth

This is something straight out of Jurassic Park. Scientists and entrepreneurs started a new company called Colossal, and they want to bring back theScreen Shot 2021 09 28 At 123323 Pm wooly mammoth.

It’s a species that went extinct 10-thousand years ago. Obviously, it’s a very complicated concept, but the idea is, bioscientists and geneticists behind the project think they can splice ancient DNA with modern living elephants to rebuild the massive creatures.

Researchers say it will be a cold-resistant, elephant mammoth hybrid that has the basic traits of the mammoth, and can live in ecosystems like its ancestor.

Their reasoning – is that if they introduce these animals back into the ecosystem, they can help reverse certain conditions of climate change, by restoring balance in the ecosystem.

For more information about Colossal, click here.

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