Inside the Kitchen at Smoke on the Water in Charlevoix

Smoke On the Water popped into Charlevoix in 2014.

Now owner Julie Mann is bringing flavor and freshness to locals, visitors, strangers and friends.

She adds two bottles of champagne into the drunken French toast. It’s a customer favorite.Smoke On The Water

Lindsey Dotson describes it as “heaven,” like most things at the restaurant, she adds.

“It’s kind of labor intensive but it’s worth it it’s beautiful bread, this is our challah bread,” described Julie.

It’s soaked overnight.

“So it’s a little custardy on the inside and crispy on the outside,” she said.

A meal that’s historically two thumbs up, enjoyed in a dining room where history is in etched in every wall.

“It was built in 1865, and it was a house at first,” Julie described.

“It’s very charming, you feel like you’re eating in someone’s kitchen when you come here,” added another loyal customer, Amanda Wilkin.

She says to get here, just follow your nose.

“I love the aroma of the smoker in the morning because it makes all of town smell amazing when they’re preparing meat for the day,” Amanda said.

Their meat is smoked over maple, apple and cherry wood.

Julie hopes to leave you with a full belly and a full heart.

“That you feel like you’re at home, and you have fresh homemade food,” she explained. “That’s why I got in this business and I love every minute of it, I do.”

You can find Smoke On the Water at 103 Park Avenue in Charlevoix, or call them at 231-237-9604.

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