TV Series “Cash In The Attic” Turns Old Collectibles Into Cold Hard Cash

Ever wonder if there’s any value in those old toys or items stored in your attic collecting dust? You’re not alone, in fact HGTV’s “Cash In the Attic” highlights people from all over the country as they find out just how much those beanie babies, toy trains and basketball cards may be worth.

Cash In The Attic Usa Courtesy Of Leopard Usa 1

Hosted by Courtney Tezeno, the series aims to help people discover hidden treasures in their homes and sell them. Many people are surprised to realize that some of their old items are actually worth a lot of money.  Each episode follows the collector from appraisal to purchase and there are so many heartwarming back stories as to why they want to sell.

You can stream all six episodes of “Cash in The Attic” right now on Discovery Plus




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