TCAPS School Board Votes To Extend Mask Requirements

At a meeting Monday, the Traverse City Area Public School Board voted to extend the district’s mask requirements.

All K-12 TCAPS students will be required to continue wearing masks indoors for four more weeks.

The board’s previous mask mandate expired Monday.

All but one board member agreed their goal is to keep schools open, and the key to doing that is to require masks.

“Masking has prevented exposure, spread, quarantine and learning loss without a doubt,” said Josey Ballenger, Secretary of the TCAPS School Board. “Masks are a small tradeoff for that. The freedom to learn in person is worth the small sacrifice. We don’t want to be like school districts downstate that did gamble at the start of the school year with no masks or optional masks and then they had to go all virtual.”

TCAPS will decide if the mask mandate will be extended again on Oct. 25th.

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