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Exclusive: ‘The Accidentals’ Share Their Latest Tune, ‘Vessel’

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It’s not supposed to premiere until October 1, but we’re giving you an exclusive look at ‘ latest tune, – well ahead of schedule. Their music video and song can be seen , and it is an absolute perfect jam that encourages us to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are now, how we got here, and where we are going.

Vessel, as the full album, is kind of the past 10 years of us being a band,” said, concertmaster​ ​violinist and band member, Savannah Buist. “We just had our 10 year anniversary 5 days ago.” Buist added that Vessel, raises the question of ‘what does success really mean?’.

What’s next for The Accidentals? They will be heading to the stage at the beautiful on . They will be performing alongside Sawyer Fredericks – who is also releasing a brand new album.  The Accidentals joined Sawyer on strings on his album and are excited to tour the two releases together in one powerful night of music.

To watch them LIVE and on stage at the , you can purchase tickets .

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