Charlevoix Looks to Add More Long-Term Rental Properties

Charlevoix is looking at ways to add more long-term rentals to address the ongoing housing crisis.

Charlevoix Housing Commission Director, Annessa Haist, said short-term rentals are good for those wanting to stay in Charlevoix just a few months at a time. But, it’s taking away property that could be used by those living there year-round.

“Even for the service industry, people in the workforce, they’re finding that a lot of them are commuting from out of town because the housing is just so unaffordable and there’s just nothing available,” she said.Charlevoix Housing Commission

The housing issue is something the city has as one of their top priorities for their master plan.

“They’re focusing heavily on housing,” said Haist. “One of the things that they’ve looked at is the opportunity for homeowners to individually place deed restrictions on their homes so that they can never be used for short-term rentals.”

The Downtown Development Authority currently has a program encouraging property owners to include rentals, offering them $15 per square foot, up to $25,000 dollars.

“It’s tied to a deed restriction we have here in Charlevoix which requires the tenant to be there 10 out of 12 months out of the year,” said Lindsey Dotson, Director of the Downtown Development Authority.

Those looking for work in the area have had trouble finding places to live, and Dotson said that’s been affecting their workforce even before the pandemic.

“Essentially we just need to add more types of units to our housing stocks so that people at different stages of their lives can find a place to live here and call it home, because that’s the only way our economy here will become a year-round economy,” she said.

The Charlevoix Housing Commission also hopes to develop some vacant property, adding more opportunities for people to live year-round.