Bipartisan Group Pushes for Michigan to Join National Popular Vote Compact

A new push is being made to change the way Michigan allocates its 15 electoral votes.

“We basically elect the ‘President of the Battleground States of America,’” said former MIGOP chair Saul Anuzis, “Versus the President of the United States of America.”

Both the former chair of the Michigan Republican and Democratic parties came together Monday to announce a new initiative to have Michigan join the National Popular Vote Compact.Wex Vote

Essentially, if Michigan joins, and enough states do to ensure 270 electoral votes go to the winner, then Michigan will assign their votes to the winner of the National Popular vote, as opposed to the state vote winner right now.

So far, 15 states andWashington DC have joined the compact.

Those behind the push say by assigning the electoral votes to the national winner, it does away with “battleground states.” Candidates that want to win the election must value every voter, no matter where they live, equally.

“Under the winner take all rule, if we win, the Republicans, every vote over 50% Plus One becomes irrelevant. And the Democrats lose at 49% of the vote, they completely become irrelevant,” said Anuzis, “Under a National Popular Vote Compact, every vote in every state is politically relevant. Every single time. Michigan voters, whether they are Republican, Democrat or Independent, will have a voice every single time.”

The initiative still has to be approved by the State Board of Canvassers and then will have 180 days to collect enough signatures to make it on the ballot next year.

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