Mackinac Leadership Conference Allows GOP to Re-Focus on 2022

It’s day two of the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference at the Grand Hotel.

Some of the biggest names from the republican party join together on Mackinac Island every two years for the event. This year the theme is “All in Michigan,” focusing on major political wins in 2022, both in the state and beyond.

After a late session in Washington DC Friday, Michigan’s Republican congressional delegation were flying in for this leadership conference late at night. After several delays in Detroit to fly into Traverse City, several of them piled into a rental Yukon and drove through the morning hours.Day Two Web Image

But they made it and as the federal voice of the party, they are looking to springboard momentum from this weekend into a successful 2022 election year.

“There are a lot of folks who believe we need a pretty radical shift,” said Rep. Bill Huizenga.

The MRLC allows the GOP elite to bump elbows with each other but also speak directly to constituents..

“It’s really a cool thing about this is we get to set that agenda,” said Huizenga, “We know what we need to do. I think in 2022, it is going to be a good Republican year because of what the Democrats are doing.”

“People are concerned about the direction of the country and the direction of the state,” said Rep. John Moolenaar, “They realize that Republican policies are the policies that we need to turn things around.”

The GOP has had a fractured year within its ranks and in Michigan that division could cost the party some big wins in state races.

“We have committed leadership from around the country that are willing to come in and support and help us put our game plan together for November 2022,” said Rep. Jack Bergman.

Leaders this weekend stressed the difference in viewpoints within the party can still be focused on one goal.

“I think we need to focus on contrast with what the Democrats in Washington, as well in Lansing, are doing,” said Moolenaar.

That will take settling on a platform and agenda.

“It’s not just party activist that vote,” said Huizenga, “It’s also the people that are in the middle, that need to understand what our vision, what our plan and how are we going to move forward.”

That’s where this event fits in, the party can focus on one voice.

“People want truth which enables trust and right now there’s so many sources of information that the challenge for anyone is to figure out what’s true,” said Bergman.

On Mackinac, they can hear it directly from the source.

“You get to ask questions in a public forum that you can look that person in the eye and then you decide,” said Bergman, “Did the answer that they gave you meet your requirements for truth?”

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