Four Northern Michigan Seniors Being Featured in the West Michigan 60 Strong Calendar

Inspirational seniors are proving that 60 is the new 40 and will be featured in the 2022 West Michigan 60 Strong Calendar.

The calendar features 12 seniors, four of them are from Northern Michigan.

Family members and friends nominated the winners. Then, a panel of judges selected who they believe achieved remarkable fitness levels, overcame a major health issue, are a leader in their community or have dedicated their lives to helping others.

Ron Jolly was one of the seniors chosen, and his photoshoot was on Friday at Mari Vineyards in Traverse City.

He is involved in the community, specifically in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan.

“In the wintertime, I like to cross country ski, and my wife and I walk the trails a lot,” said Ron Jolly, Calendar Model. ” I also do a little bit of mountain biking on the Vasa Trail.”

All proceeds go to Senior Neighbors.

The West Michigan 60 Strong Calendar is sponsored by Answer Health in conjunction with Answer Health Senior Advantage launch.