Wood Prices Slowly Decrease but Wait Times for Materials Still High

The price of wood has been trending downward, but it’s still nowhere near it was before the pandemic. It’s putting stress on suppliers and home builders across the state.

Not only are prices still high, but the amount of wait time for something as simple as a window could be months.

Construction companies have had to make it work, but it’s been affecting how quickly they’re able to complete their projects.

According to President of Birchwood Construction in Petoskey, Tom Adams, it’s impossible to judge where exactly the market is heading. “If you’re looking to get a new home built and your number one priority is schedule, that’s a tough nut,” he said. “If your number one priority is cost, that’s a tough nut so you have to look at the whole package and be patient.”

Birchwood Construction and a number of different companies in the area hope prices continue to fall and wait times shorten.