United Way of NW Michigan Expanding to Charlevoix and Emmet Counties

United Way of Northwest Michigan made a big announcement Thursday. They’re expanding their services to Charlevoix and Emmet Counties.

This comes after the Charlevoix-Emmet United Way dissolved. United Way of Northwest Michigan says they’re excited to start community improvement and help those struggling in those areas.

The new Charlevoix-Emmet Regional Impact Director says she has a personal connection to the area. “To have the means to be able to lessen that burden for somebody else and so really being able to speak to that from a place that’s very personal,” said Rebeca Otto of United Way of Northwest Michigan. “This is really important to me and having the opportunity to do that for people who are struggling and don’t have the capacity to do that for themselves is an important piece to me.”

If you’d like to donate to United Way of Northwest Michigan or volunteer, click here.