Hook and Hunting: Cisco to Crisco Fishing Event

A North Michigan organization is getting veterans out on the water this weekend.

Northwest Michigan Fishing Club is hosting their first fall annual Cisco to Crisco Fishing Event Saturday morning. It’s aimed at getting veterans out on the East Bay to catch some fish, then a cookout with the day’s haul will be right after at Sayler Park in Williamsburg.

The fishing club is covering the cost for veterans and there will also be prizes involved for those who have served. “And their effort, it’s time for us to give back,” said Club President Mike Radcliffe. “We have the capability to do that. We have the boats, we have the manpower and we have the support of the community.”

If you’re interested in providing a boat for the event, want to know more or even want to join the Northwest Michigan Fishing Club, click here.

You can also contact Northwest Michigan Fishing Club at nwmifishing@gmail.com

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