Let’s Get Outta Cone-Trol For National Ice Cream Cone Day At Hill Top Soda Shoppe!

Just because it’s the first day of fall, doesn’t mean ice cream season is over!

And if you’re like me, you love ice cream a waffle-lot!

Speaking of waffles, Hill Top Soda Shoppe in Benzonia makes their own homemade waffle cones to go along with their delicious ice cream!

Hill Top

Hill Top Soda Shoppe is a family owned and operated business. They opened up in 2005 and have been making customers smile ever since! This Northern Michigan ice cream shop uses local ingredients to make their products, so you KNOW they’re making it with love – the right way!

Today we made homemade pumpkin ice cream, a seasonal flavor, just in time for fall!

We all have those friends who obsess over pumpkin-flavored goodies, bring them over to Hill Top Soda Shoppe for a pumpkin ice cream donut sundae on a waffle cone! Yes, it’s a thing! We were surprised too! Their homemade doughnuts are made fresh every day — and who could say no to that?! Especially with a pumpkin or apple cider doughnut!

This ice cream shop has made over 300 different kinds of flavors over the last 16 years! Some specialty products include their famous waffle cones, ice cream ice cream cookies, and sorbet-sicles. Fresh sorbet changes with the seasons, and ice cream cakes are available for all your special occasions! They even offer whole sale gallon tubs for restaurants, and pints and quarts to take home when you wanna Netflix & chill. And don’t forget your coffee on the way out! Making specialty drinks with Higher Grounds Coffee, it’s the perfect way to start or end your day!

With all of this deliciousness available, we are gettin’ outta CONE-trol!

Hill Top 2

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