Munson Healthcare Requiring All Staff To Be Vaccinated

Munson Healthcare announced on Tuesday a two-step requirement approach for all staff providers.

All new employees and volunteers hired after September 30th, 2021, will need to be vaccinated.

Current staff, providers, contract workers and students need to be vaccinated by January 7th, 2022.

Munson Healthcare says the mandate is consistent with its messaging throughout the pandemic.

“We believe COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective,” said Dianne Michalek, Chief Marketing and Communitcations Officer, Munson Healthcare. “We also believe they are the strongest tool we have to end the pandemic and keep additional people out of the hospital and keep working.”

Munson reports about 70% of their workforce is vaccinated.

The vaccination requirement does not apply to workers who are 100% remote.

Employees who have a religious or medical reason not to get vaccinated have until November to request an exemption.


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