MI New Economy Plan Could Improve Northern Michigan

Governor Whitmer announced the MI New Economy Plan at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Tuesday.

“Getting back to where we were before COVID-19 isn’t enough. We need to do better,” said Governor Whitmer. “There are too many jobs that don’t pay enough; there aren’t enough workers to fill open jobs and aren’t enough workers with the necessary skills to fill high-skill jobs available.”

The plan is based on three pillars. The first: grow the middle class.

“We’re expanding the Michigan Reconnect and Future Frontlines to put more people on a tuition-free path to a good-paying job,” said Governor Whitmer. “Growing the Going Pro Credential program to address the skills gap and strengthening the college to industry pipeline.”

The second pillar: support small businesses.

“We’re pitching Michigan My street incentive to give grants to the smallest businesses and entrepreneurs, investing in start-up and electric vehicles and help employers in emerging industries attract the talent they need and retain that talent,” said Governor Whitmer.

Investing in our communities is the third pillar.

Governor Whitmer says they’re building affordable housing units, rehabilitating vacant buildings and funding resources to have more energy-efficient homes.

Traverse City’s Planning Commission agrees Governor’s plan is consistent with how the city is tackling the housing crisis. They’re currently discussing re-zoning certain areas in Traverse City to allow more housing units.

“We’re looking for more options in the housing market, whether that’s a duplex, quadplex or a large multi-family apartment building,” said Shawn Winter, Traverse City Planning Director. “We want a range of options for people at different phases of their life and different price points so they can age here in our community.”

Federal COVID-19 money will fund the MI New Economy Plan.