Inside The Kitchen at Keeper’s Fish Shack in Ludington

Fishing has been in the Holmes family forever.

Instead of catching them side by side, now Doug and his son Carson cook them side by side at Keeper’s Fish Shack.

“We spend a lot of time together and it’s just been a lot of fun,” said Doug Holmes, the owner.Keepers

The take-out only restaurant is in Ludington.

“We are on the great lakes so what’s better than perch,” he said.

You can order up lunch or dinner fresh from the lake or the ocean.

“Here’s our Mahi Mahi that we get from Florida we do a blackening seasoning on it,” said Doug.

You can enjoy any fish on it on its own, or as a sandwich.

Either way it will get bagged up, and sent out.

This one for a loyal customer, Akamu Rosa.

“I love it, being from the islands I don’t get much fresh Mahi Mahi that often, so I get to come down here and get fresh Mahi down here,” Rosa said. “When we are at work and we want to grab something right away, or something to grab right before the sunset and take and watch the sunset.”

The name for the restaurant came easy.

“Well you don’t throw away fish that are big enough, so the fish you do catch, that’s a keeper, so that’s how we came up with the name,” Doug said.

Keeper’s Fish Shack has just opened in Ludington in June.

The community is already hooked.

“The people really opened their arms and they came out and they’ve been back multiple times, it’s been a lot of fun,” he said.

You can find Keeper’s Fish Shack at 106 N. James Street in Ludington.

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