Biden Speaking At UN Amid Fallout From Afghanistan Withdrawal

Biden Un Cbs Screenshot

President Biden is preparing for a meeting with the UN secretary general in New York before addressing world leaders Tuesday morning.

It comes as both his domestic and foreign policies stand on shaky ground.

Biden says he wants to push a “reset” following four years of the Trump administration. He says his focus is on rebuilding foreign relationships.

During his address, Biden plans to tout the end of the war in Afghanistan and reaffirm his commitment to U.S. alliances and diplomacy.

That withdrawal from Afghanistan has been viewed as anything but smooth here in the U.S. and among our allies.

The administration is still facing questions after the last known U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan killed 10 civilians.

Following his address, Biden will sit down with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison before returning to Washington.

You can stream President Biden’s speech to the UN assembly live on 9&10 Plus with VUit, starting at 9:45 a.m.