We’re Poppin’ Over To Pop-Kies In Traverse City!

I’d like to think of myself as a popcorn fanatic. And if you know what you like, you usually tend to stick to it. Pop 2

But with over 60 different flavors to choose from, how do you possibly stick to JUST ONE?!

Now, this might sound corny, but what’s BUTTER than a rainy day, popcorn, and a good movie?!

We’re poppin’ over to Pop-Kies Gourmet Popcorn in Traverse City, and boy, we were not disappointed! There is something here to please any palate! From super sweet candy coatings, to savory, salty and cheesy! If you think of it, they probably got it!

And you’re not just limited to leaving popcorn for snack-time…it’s also a great gift!

Pop-Kies can create custom baskets filled with popcorn, candy, and even seasonings for any occasion! They can also customize the popcorn colors to whatever you like! Perfect to represent your school colors, business colors, holidays, and even wedding and birthday themes!

Pop 1

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