Results of Statewide Poll Show Support Towards Increasing Funding For Kids

Michigan’s Children and the Skillman Foundation unveiled the results of a statewide poll on voter attitudes towards investing in kids at the Mackinac Policy Conference Monday.

The poll found nearly 58% of Michiganders support increasing funding for kids, even if that means raising taxes.

The President and CEO of Michigan’s Children, Matt Gillard, says the poll is encouraging, especially that people seem to support addressing the mental health issues they face and the loss of educational opportunities.

“I think after school programming is one area where the state does not do enough to support, out of school learning opportunities, children’s mental health programs are severely under funded in our state and are going to need a lot more support to address the needs of children moving forward from the pandemic.” said Gillard.

Gillard says he hopes unveiling the poll data will show elected officials the people of Michigan want to see more investment in children’s programs.