“It Depends on Acceptance,” Pfizer Youth Vaccine Could be Game Changer

Pfizer announced Monday morning that they have seen great success in their trials with the vaccine and children between the ages of five and twelve.Vaccine Cdc Cbs Screenshot

An approval of the age group would be a big step, as it would cover all school-aged children, while case rates climb across the country.

The dose that would be given to children would be one-third the dose adults receive.

Many school districts planned their mask mandates around who is vaccine eligible so this could be a game changer for schools, if students and parents are willing to get the poke.

“It could be potentially quite big, but the issue would be acceptance. How many kids will get vaccinated?” said Dr. Jennifer Morse, medical director for District Health Department #10, “In our teen groups, the 12-and-up group, the vaccination rate has been okay but it’s not been great. So we hope there will be some pretty good uptake. It’s just too soon to tell.”

Dr. Morse says the FDA should move on this quickly and a possible emergency approval may come in the next couple weeks.

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