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Grant Me Hope: Taivion

He might not be from the Lone Star State, but still has Texas-sized dreams. Take, for instance, what he’d want if his wishes came true: to be the richest kid in the world and to own a Bugatti. Someday, Taivion wants to travel to the Bahamas to wallow in its warm water and bask on its beautiful beaches. When he gets older, Taivion wants to become a professional athlete. He gets plenty of practice at his career goal and enjoys playing football and basketball, especially with friends. On the weekends, Tavion likes going fishing. Taivion’s favorite foods are steak, homemade mac ’n cheese, banana pudding and chocolate ice cream, and his favorite animals are cheetahs “because they are fast,” he says. Taivion is quick to make a positive impression on others. “Taivion leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets,” says one of the adults close to him. “He is a positive and radiant young man.” In addition to his wishes for riches, Taivion dreams of having a forever family. “I hope they love fishing and playing sports,” he says.

Taivion describes himself as smart, energetic and thoughtful. “I like to spend one-on one-time with people,” he says. “Taivion is caring, loving, loyal and enjoys sports, and he has a strong desire to be a part of a family,” says one of the adults who knows him best.

Taivion would do best with two patient, experienced and trauma-informed parents. Taivion would do best as the only or youngest child in his new forever family, who must be strong advocates for the services he needs. His new forever family should be patient with and supportive of Taivion as he transitions into the home. The family needs to make sure that Taivion receives the services that would benefit his success.

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