Black Leaders Detroit CEO Bikes to Mackinaw City to Raise Equity Awareness

The CEO of Black Leaders Detroit has embarked on a 377-mile bike ride for next week’s Mackinac Policy Conference.

Friday marked day six of Dwan Dandridge’s journey and he’ll be ending for the day in Petoskey, traveling 35 miles for the day. He’s on the way to Mackinaw City and plans on attending the Mackinac Policy Conference next week to talk about equity for black businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits.

Dandridge said the pandemic has hit the black community hard. While he won’t necessarily be a speaker at the conference, he’ll do what he can to get people to recognize the issues facing the black business community.

“We’re in kind of a special time, a unique time, where we have a lot more focus on this particular issue because of the pandemic, but the pandemic is really highlighting something that’s been existing but hasn’t had the attention that it needs,” he said.

Dandridge will finish off his ride on Saturday when he arrives in Mackinaw City.