Mesick Area Historical Museum Gifted $20,000, Future Plans Decided

The Mesick Area Historical Museum is working on their future plans after receiving a $20,000 donation in memory of the late Vera G. Ward, a descendent of Howard Mesick, Founder of the town.

“The Vera Ward Estate contacted us and said, “we’d like to give you $20,000 in the name of our aunt,” said Cheryl Bader, President of the Mesick Area Historical Museum. “She was the great granddaughter of the man who founded the town… she had a very interesting, well-traveled life, but her roots called her back to Mesick folks and the museum.”

The museum plans to put the money towards much needed technology updates, such as wireless internet and phones.

“We talked a lot about our need for technology… to bring more technology to the museum, to engage younger people, and to make a broader audience for ourselves,” said Bader.

Vera never lived in Mesick, but her gift to the museum promises to make a lasting impact on the community bearing her great grandfathers name.

“We were very pleased,” said Bader. “Very stunned. I know that she has supported us through the years with smaller donations… it’s  a very large gift for us.”

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