Hot Spots Available For Students To Check Out At Walter Erickson Library

Many students in rural areas like Morley-Stanwood are not equipped with what they need for virtual schooling.

So the Walter Erickson Library on the campus of Morley-Stanwood Community Schools has four hot spots available for check out, along with several computer students can use.

They got the hot spots through the first round of Cares Act money last year.

The library director says two hot spots have already been checked out, and they want to help students complete their work.

“Any way that we’re able to facilitate, obviously we’re a small library. We don’t have the resources as some of the bigger libraries, but we’ll do whatever we can,” said Cory Taylor, Library Director at Walter Erickson Public Library.

The library’s has two more hot spots available for checkout, and those can be checked out for two weeks at a time.