Hook & Hunting: 11-Year-Old Harvests 11 Point Buck and 300 lb Bear

Youth hunting season has only just started, and already, one lucky youngster has harvested an 11 point buck and a 300 lb bear.

DownloadTanner Johnson from Cadillac is just 11-years-old and has already had a very lucky hunting season.

On Sept. 11, he got an 11 point buck in Luther.

“Two bucks walked out,” said Tanner. “I thought they were does and my dad look in the binoculars and he said, ‘there’s two big bucks in front of us’, and I’m like, ‘No way!’.”

And on Sept. 14, Tanner successfully baited a 300lb bear around Cadillac West.

Tanner says in his three years of hunting, he’s never had luck quite like this.

“I just like being excited after seeing all the deer out on the field andTanner Johnson Luther 300 Pd Bear shooting guns and shooting bows and all that,” he said.

Tanner says he plans on getting a shoulder mount for his deer, and a full body mount for his bear to put in his room.

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