Merritt Working to Turn Vacant School Into Something New

For 18 years, a school building in Missaukee County has sat empty.

What was once was filled with kids is now covered in overgrown grass and boarded-up windows.

People living in Merritt now want to give the old school building a second chance.

On Tuesday night, they met to share ideas on how to rebuild it as a place for everyone in the community to enjoy. Their goal is to avoid turning the property into a franchise or being sold off to a corporate company.

Multiple community members want the vacant school building to turn into a community building. They believe a community building will attract several different age groups.

“Learning trades like quilting, canning all the way down to younger kids teaching computers,” says Jacquie Shaw, a Merritt community member. “Every generation helping one another like it used to be.”

Community members also hope that investing in their community will encourage others to come to Merritt and build businesses.

Residents in Merritt have until Nov. 1st to submit a proposal at the Lake City Courthouse.