What’s Growing With Tom: Closing the Flower Bed

How about that Northern Michigan Welcome back, we’re in our flower garden! Our flowers are blooming nicely!

We’ve got the fall feeling and typically we would rip the flowers out, but this year we aren’t.

Terry, from Barker Creek, planted perennials for us. They are plants you leave in to come back the following year.

Justin says all it needs is some Healthy Garden to finish off the blooms this season. Fast enough!

So, we are not touching our main flower bed, but we are going to show you how to set things up for next year with a different flower bed. This is what you do if you plan on starting over from scratch next year.

Simply, rip out the old plants, calculate how much Dairy Doo you need, and spread it out, then sprinkle on some Healthy Garden.

We are only putting down a half-inch of Dairy Doo. Here’s the reason why:

Justin: “Yes, only a half-inch so we just did the calculations and told me it happened, one bag for this whole bed. And then also, once we get this spread all out, we’ll bring is the Healthy Garden. And this is food, so that’s like protein for the biology, to help feed to, that’s a 7-6-5 and it’s organic, and it has calcium in there. So just like a lot of the tomato plants want that calcium or if we do a flowerbed like this, even though it’s flowers they still require that nutrient too.”

Once everything is mixed in, it’s all set for next year.

In the Spring, all you’ll need to do is a light raking and plant away!

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