The Race Is On: James Craig Officially Enters Governor Race

Michigan hasn’t even voted in the November 2021 election yet but already the race for November 2022 has begun.

The Republican primary already has a handful of names running for the gubernatorial nomination but Tuesday the most high profile name made it official.Img 8869

Former Detroit police chief James Craig has been teasing toward it but Tuesday made it official, he’s running for governor.

The biggest name in a growing field of candidates trying to unseat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, he also draws the most criticism. Activist group Detroit Will Breathe hijacked his press conference on Belle Isle, leaving him time to say just one thing.

“I got one thing to say, I am running for governor,” Craig said in the middle of the mob, “I’m running for governor of the state of Michigan.”

The chief was then escorted out of the state park, with the scene showing how contentious this election season will be. At a second, more private location, he was able to lay out why he should be the choice.

“The inconsistent, incompetent response to the pandemic, by so many politicians, highlights the need for new leadership,” said Craig.

He’s attractive to the party by drawing votes from the city but will that be enough for the rest of the state? Will that connect with voters, especially Republicans, in rural areas?

“I’m a blue-collar guy. I’m from the ground. I didn’t grow up with a gold spoon in my mouth. I’m not financing this campaign. I’m no different than anybody else in the state,” said Craig, “I will resonate with those folks up north and out west because I’m authentic, I’m a leader and I’m blue-collar. I know what hard work is, nobody’s ever given me anything.”

The Republican primary is 11 months away with the general election now 14 months.

The race is officially underway.