TCAPS Appeals Court’s Decision on Interlochen Community School Building

For the time being, Interlochen Center for the Arts will not resume ownership of the Interlochen community school building.

The decision comes after a ruling last month by the Grand Traverse County Circuit that ownership should be returned to Interlochen Center for the Arts.

The property was previously used by Traverse City Area Public school purposes until the school closed in 2016 with enrollment dwindling.

On Monday, in a closed discussion during a Traverse City Area Public school board meeting, they voted to appeal the court’s decision.

The school board President Scott Newman-Bale says that once the decision is made on ownership, he hopes the building will better the community.

“Daycare options of some kind. Anyone who’s been a working parent knows daycare is impossible to find,” says Bale. “The amount it would do for our economy to be able to solve such issues would be phenomenal.”

Interlochen Center for the Arts says if they do receive ownership, they plan to restore the school as a community asset, serving the community’s benefit.