Northern Michigan Sheriff Departments Looking For Volunteers

Mecosta and Osceola Sheriff Departments are looking for volunteers for their new Victim Advocacy Program.

Mecosta County Sheriff, Brian Miller, knows what it’s like to work as a team. Sheriff Miller, his team, and the Osceola Sheriff’s Department are teaming up to start the program.

“It’s just another tool, I think that we would be able to have, so with that… we are looking for applications,” Miller said.

The statewide Victim’s Advocacy Program originated in 1988, with the Michigan’s Sheriff Association, but this is the first time the two counties are bringing it to the area.

“A deputy would contact our dispatch, have somebody from our Victim Services Unit come out to the scene, and assist us with providing services, guidance… some empathy to people that are involved in critical incidents.”

Michael Bausano is a behavioral consultant and volunteer coordinator for the program. He said they are looking for very specific characteristics in volunteers.

“We currently want someone who is mature, certainly emotionally mature. We’ve all faced grief and loss in our life, so an applicant would need to have the emotional stability,” Bausano said.

Bausano said he’s looking forward to seeing the program take off. Applicants who are chosen for the program will have to go through a 20-hour course with the Michigan Sheriff’s Association.

“I am very optimistic,” he said. “I think this is going to be a very successful endeavor, and I am looking forward to the team becoming operational in the near future.”

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