Green Lake Township Votes to Hold Federal COVID-19 Relief Money

In May, Green Lake Township Board Members in Grand Traverse County voted to give some of their federal COVID-19 relief funds to township employees, including elected officials.

During a township meeting on Monday, the board voted four to three to put the funds on hold.

Members plan to review where the money is going and make sure it complies with federal guidelines.

The federal government says the relief funds can go towards infrastructure, loss of revenue, personal protection and equipment and employees, and elected officials’ wages.

However, the state says money can’t go to elected officials.

Green Lake Township supervisor Marvin Radtke says the COVID-19 relief money should be based solely on federal guidelines because it is federal money.

Radtke says he and the township clerk have put in more than 1,000 hours extra hours to keep the community safe during the pandemic.

“I was down at the playground wiping stuff down in accordance with the executive orders,” said Radtke. “Anytime someone touched the playground equipment, it had to be wiped down.”

A community member who volunteered during the November elections says Green Lake Township Clerk, Judy Kramer, ensured everyone was safe during elections.

“Judy Kramer was so careful to keep us healthy. She made sure we had the personal protection equipment we needed” said, Linda Pepper, Green Lake Township Resident. “I don’t mind going ahead and rewards somebody that goes far and above. They’ve kept everybody healthy; that’s a huge accomplishment.

The township now plans to hold a series of meetings to get an idea of where people want to see the funds go.

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