Evart Community Continues Storm Clean-Up A Week Later

People in Evart are still cleaning up damage from last week’s storm.

Layla Rojeski has been living in her Evart home four months. The backyard trees created a canopy where she could sit and talk with neighbors over a cup of coffee. Then severe storms last Tuesday destroyed the property.

“On my property I had my step, which was concrete, flew out.  My gate was broken and flew. It took a little time to find it but we found it. I got my grill broken on that porch,” said Rojeski.

Rojeski, in her backyard, pointed to the different spots damaged by the storm.

“We got hit and the door broke. That window in the back was broken but I feel sorry for these trees,” she said.

Rojeski says Consumers Energy crews were out fixing power outages in her neighborhood for three days. She also thanks Evart Assistant Fire Chief Randy Berger for working on clean-up efforts.

The community has been working together the past week, making repairs and cleaning up trees and debris.

“It’s very nice, people living here [are] very good neighbors,” Rojeski says. “They help each other, they care for each other. They didn’t say this is mine I’m just going to take care of my property and you know let them take care of theirs, no, they just stand up there and help each other.”

It is unclear how long the remaining clean-up will take.