Charlevoix Business Receives $25,000 Grant From MI Economic Development Corp.

A small business in Charlevoix has been given a $25,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Nomi Sushi’s owner Chris Rutkowski applied for the grant to remodel Brian’s Ice Cream Experience into the new location for his sushi restaurant. Charlevoix Biz Grant

With the grant money, everything has been rebuilt from the ground up, providing new interiors and equipment. The grant money also went towards providing space for guests, and long-term employment.

Rutkowski hopes to add a bit more variety to the Charlevoix eating area, and provide more dining experiences.

“Everything from the ground up has been re-done, I think it’s a really cool space and I know that the money really went to helping us achieve our goals to making it a special place,” said Rutkowski.

Nomi Sushi will be doing carry-out and will transition to in-person dining within a few weeks.