Oliver Art Center Adds New Outdoor Classroom!

Exciting news for Oliver Art Center! The team has recently opened a new outdoor classroom space!

This special space was created to allow students and visitors to enjoy their experience at the Art Center and take in the beauty of Northern Michigan. With improvements made to the Harbor Light’s marina, the classroom space has a terrific view of the bay!

The outdoor classroom is named the ‘Bayview Classroom,’ and features sun shades and picnic tables. Established with a gift from the Foster Family, the ‘Bayview Classroom‘ has already hosted many classes already!

After the rough patch we have all been going through with the pandemic, Oliver Art Center has done a fantastic job utilizing their space and getting creative to enhance their current programs.

Executive Director, Mercedes Michalowski, tells me that this outdoor space will expand programming and provide an area for youth classes to come out and enjoy some fresh air, have an outdoor lunch, provide plein air classes, future woodworking or metalsmithing, culinary and grilling classes, and much more! Come take a class and check it out!

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