Local Nonprofit Raising Money For Single Moms In Ironman Triathlon

People from all across Northern Michigan and beyond are getting ready for the Ironman triathlon in Frankfort this weekend. Several local charities who are using the race as a fundraiser, are also prepping for the big event.

In honor of the Ironman coming to Frankfort, five Northern Michigan charities were chosen by Traverse City Tourism for a “charity challenge.” One of them is Single MOMM, based in Traverse City. They are a non-profit organization that strives to support single mother’s in Northern Michigan.

“It was really extraordinary that someone noticed what we were doing, and really wanted to cheer us on and believed in us,” said Chelsea Boeve, Community Advancement Director for Single MOMM.

Boeve also said it’s a really big deal that Ironman came to Frankfort this year.

Single MOMM by Patrick McIntyre, who was born and raised in Traverse City. He is heavily involved in the community and loves what their organization is doing for single mother’s in Northern Michigan. McIntyre also played a big role in bringing Ironman to Frankfort.

“I think when we look at an Ironman and what they’re (known) for, I think that single motherhood just exemplifies that,” said Boeve. “An Ironman competing and training is hard work and being a single mom is really hard work.”

The organization has a goal of raising $70,000, which ties into the 70.3 mile race. Right now, they are halfway to their goal.

“We’re raising money to ensure that the families that are in critical need, that we reach,” she said. “Part of that is purchasing a mobile office and ensuring that we have someone on the ground. We are looking to hire a local director in Benzie County.”

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