Great Lakes Energy Lineman Dies While On Job

Great Lakes Energy says that one of their lineman, Jesse Ricord, 38, of Marne, passed away while working near Baldwin Wednesday.

Jesse Ricord

“Jesse was a highly respected lineman who had dedicated his career to serving the members of GLE for the past 16 years,” GLE stated. “He leaves behind his wife Jean and their six children as well as many other extended family members. We ask for your heartfelt thoughts and prayers for Jesse’s family both at home and at work. Our GLE team is deeply mourning this loss.”

Great Lakes Energy continued to say that both internal and external investigations are underway by GLE and authorities. They say the cause of Ricord’s death is unknown at this time, and say that ways to support Ricord’s family may be shared at a future date.

The Lake County Sheriff, Clerk/Register of Deeds and Treasurer will be collecting donations for the Ricord family. They say donations can be dropped off at any of their offices.