Reed City Area Public Schools Temporarily Closing Through Sept. 13

Reed City Area Public Schools announced Wednesday that is is temporarily closing from Thursday, Sept. 9 through Monday, Sept. 13.

The decision comes following a recommendation from the Central Michigan Health Department. The school district is citing significant staffing shortages and sizable portion of student absence.

As of Monday, Sept. 6, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services was reporting six COVID-19 cases at Reed City Elementary.

Reed City Area Public Schools issued the following statement in a letter to parents and staff:

After careful consideration and close communication with the Central Michigan Health Department, it has been recommended that Reed City Area Public Schools temporarily close. We have significant staffing shortages at GT Norman and a sizable portion of our student population absent from school. We are struggling to meet our 75% attendance requirement across the district on a daily basis. The Health Department recommendation is to close temporarily to fully assess all reasons for absences and to provide access for antigen testing. The more accurate our information is regarding percentages of students and staff being Covid-19 positive helps with making decisions about health and safety. Antigen testing will be available for students, staff, and parents during the district closure. Testing will initially be offered the morning of Thursday, September 9. Additional times will be scheduled for Friday and Monday. More information will be announced regarding testing dates, times, and locations.

Extra-curricular activities are not impacted by building closures, but will continue to be closely monitored for any symptoms and action taken on an individual level.

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