New Northern Michigan Department Store Pushes Back Grand Opening, Desperate For Employees

Federal benefits expired for millions in the United States on Sunday, and businesses all across Northern Michigan are still dealing with staffing shortages.

Sportsman’s Warehouse in Traverse City was forced to push back their grand opening due to lack of employees to help open the store.

“There’s a possibility we’ll have to push our grand opening back if we can’t get enough people in to have the store set up, and to actually work in the store,” said Emily Bolhuis, Manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Traverse City.

Sportsman’s Warehouse will sell outdoor sports gear in sports such as fishing, hunting, camping, boating and more.

Bolhuis said they are looking to hire around sixty-three employees. So far, they’ve hired around thirty-five.

“It’s been very slow-going with hiring people,” she said. “If I don’t have people slated to be here by those days, then I am going to have to push everything back at that point.”

Northwest Michigan said it’s not a lack of jobs. On their job site, they currently have 2,093 job openings in Grand Traverse County alone. Diane Culver, Service Center Manager for Michigan Works in Traverse City and Petoskey said a lot of people have apprehension about going back to work.

“Maybe they were receiving more on unemployment,” Culver said. “I know daycare is a huge issue as well.”

Sportsman’s Warehouse said they are looking for two more managers and a handful of sales associates to help open the Traverse City Store.

“I am really excited… and all my managers are really excited to have the store open and be here for the community,” Bolhuis said.

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