Inside The Kitchen at Cheese & Co. in Petoskey

Several different sandwiches — one common factor — more cheese, please.

“First we have a jalapeno poppa, this is jalapeno cream cheese, bacon, pepper jack, then we throw apricot jam on it,” described the owner, Tyler Kinefeck.

Cheese and Company opened at The Back Lot in Petoskey in 2017.

“The Mike’s Favorite is just kind of a classic with ham, bacon and cheese, it’s one of our more popular sandwiches,” he said.

Cheese And Co

Tyler says there are so many options you can explore with grilled cheese.

“The barbecue chicken melt is cheese, pickled carrots, and cucumbers, and we have peppercorns in it, garlic, we make that in house,” Tyler said.

But these fit their brand best.

“It has garlic, roasted tomatoes, pesto,” he said. “It started as cheese, but as time went on, we have started to capture the vegetarian market,” he said.

Cue the rice bowls.

“The vegans are like ‘I cannot believe I am eating at a Cheese and Company place,'” he said.

You can wash it all down with a fresh squeezed lemonade, with flavors like blueberry lavender or strawberry, and enjoy it all outside on spectacular summer day.

“The Back Lot is a casual friendly spot,” he said.

But no matter what you order, or how you slice it, it’s a meal that will have you cheesin’ when you get served.

“The Back Lot makes Petoskey so much cooler, and being able to be a part of the community is really nice,” Tyler said.

You can find Cheese and Company at 425 Michigan Street in Petoskey, or 230 Ferry Avenue in Charlevoix, or call them at 231-459-6430.

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