Grant Me Hope: Justin

When he gets older, Justin wants to keep the peace and help others by becoming a police officer. But first, he’s got a lot of boyhood to live, and Justin intends to make the most of it. His favorite activities include swimming, bike riding, and playing tag with friends. Justin also likes roller skating and playing laser tag and card and board games. On the weekends, Justin’s favorite thing to do is “have fun.” Like many youngsters his age, Justin enjoys playing video games on the Xbox, and he loves sports, especially football. Justin dreams of traveling to Colorado because “I heard it’s really fun.” Two of Justin’s biggest wishes are to have a family and a mom and dad “who love me.” Justin says he dreams of having a family that he can be with forever.

Justin is described as curious, imaginative, detail-oriented, and engaging. “Justin is a very bright young boy with a kind heart,” says one of the important adults in his life, who adds that Justin enjoys helping others. “Justin is playful and does best when given adult one-on-one attention.”

One of the people close to him says a family will be lucky to have Justin, who would do best with two parents. Justin’s new parents should be experienced and trauma-informed. His new forever family must make sure that Justin receives the services that will help him function at his best. Justin also would do best as the only child in the home.

To learn more about Justin, and the adoption process, click here.

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